Kristian Berry


My values… Compassion. Faith. Family. Health. Honesty. Kindness. Love. Self-confidence. Self development. Spirituality. Truth. Wisdom.

Why did I become a service provider...I became a service provider because I have always loved interacting with people. I have a personality that is able to draw things out of others and help them open up and feel confident doing so.

What gets me up in the morning... “People” get me up in the morning. Knowing how many people are struggling in the world right now, it’s just hard to see. So knowing I have a voice that can bring them hope and help them work through situations makes me push myself every day to be more like capital HIM.

What I love most about my guest...They’re honesty with me and their vulnerabilities. I love that they feel free to share their beauty issues with me and the complete confidence and trust they put in me with their hair. Brand voice… Living in a world that’s full of confusion, fear and chaos… There is a place where you can come and get away from it all, relax, unwind and for a brief moment in time, just let it be about you.

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